MRI console

The Radiology department at SERHAL Hospital provides doctors with state-of-the-art equipement : the latest (Siemens®) wide tunnel full-body MRI, a Multi-slice helical CT Scan (General Electric®), multiple 3D/4D Ultrasound machines and the Digital Radiography X-Ray system provide the most advanced technology needed for the best patient care.

  • new Magnetic Resonnance Imaging system especially designed for claustrophobic patients, is now operational : the latest Siemens® 'Magnetom Espree' MRI is highly innovative with its WIDE TUNNEL and High Definition software that covers whole body imaging with excellent quality images : the tunnel is now wider and the mobile table is shorter than previous generation MRIs, with a 70 cm diameter tunnel and a 125 cm table length, allowing to leave half of the patient's body outside the MRI. This new machine also benefits from a shorter imaging acquisition time and a minimized noise level. 
  • A Multi-slice helical CT scan (General Electric®) captures three-dimensional high definition reconstruction images of the patient's body.
  • A new 3D and 4D Ultrasound machine (Samsung®) establishes a new benchmark for state-of-the-art imaging. Offering features such as its 21.5-inch full HD large screen to deliver uncompromising live image quality, this system facilitates clinical decision-making and boosts diagnostic confidence for ultrasound-guided joint injections.
  • Digital Radiography X-Ray system for transmission and storage of the digital images incorporates a lower limb measurement application (goniometry) for precise orthopaedic surgery procedures. It allows a reduced X-rays radiation dose compared to a conventional ragiography machine.